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A native Oregonian, I completed my pre-dental studies at Oregon State University and then attended the University of Oregon Dental School (now known as Oregon Health Sciences University). Upon graduation, I fulfilled my military obligation as a Dental Officer in the Army at Fort Carson, Colorado where I rotated through various clinical-specialty areas and provided dental care to soldiers. I returned to Oregon and started my dental practice in Keizer, Oregon in 1974, where I've continued to serve patients in the same location since that time. While establishing my practice I served as a clinical instructor at the dental school.

Throughout my years in practice, I've studied and perfected my clinical skills by being involved in various study groups and workshops with several master clinicians, and have logged many hours of postdoctoral education in such areas as Cosmetic Dentistry, Prosthetic Dentistry, TMJ and Myofacial Pain, Endodontics, and other  dentistry subspecialty areas.

A Family-Friendly Dental Office!
I pride myself in being a family-oriented dentist. I enjoy working with patients of all ages, and have many patients and families who have been with me since the beginning of my practice.

Dr. Fromherz Dental Patient Testimonials

My family and I have been patients of “Dr. Don” for over 30 years. Even after we moved to Portland we continue to commute to Keizer for our dentist appointments. Dr. Fromherz is extremely competent, thorough and gentle. We trust him with all of our dental needs. He and his entire staff are awesome, making our visits a comfortable experience.

Marsha M

My dentist for 20-plus years is always professional and pleasant. I have all my teeth at 81-years of age. Thanks to Dr. Don and his great staff.

Lee M

When moving from Medford to Salem in 1998, I asked my dentist for a referral. He knew only one dentist – Don Fromherz. I chose Dr. Fromherz, and have been his patient since. What a great decision! I have always been impressed with his care of, and dedication to, his patients. I trust his judgment and the recommendations he makes. His staff is always cheerful and helpful. I don’t believe there has been any turnover since I have been a patient. I really do “enjoy” my visit to the dentist, Don Fromherz! 

Steve W

I have been a patient of Dr. Fromherz for more than 20 years. He is a very gentle dentist who makes me feel at ease at every appointment. I never hesitate to make my dental appointments with Dr. Fromherz and his staff because they are all so friendly and professional. I would recommend Dr. Fromherz to anyone. He is the best!

Jeanelle L

I have been very satisfied with the service I have received there. I had a bridge put in 30 years ago by Don, and that bridge lasted until recently. He put in a new bridge and it looks wonderful. This one will probably last another 30!! Also, other work I had done, like crowns, etc., I have been pleased with also. I highly recommend Don Fromherz as your personal dentist, and I’m sure you will be happy and satisfied!

Debbie J

Dr. Fromherz’s office has a professional and friendly atmosphere where everyone makes you feel welcome and at ease from the moment you step in the door to the moment you leave. You know that everyone care about the patient. Dr. Fromherz is soft-spoken with an easy, relaxed manner, being gentle, yet effective, in his treatments. All of the staff reflect the same gentle, caring attitude. Going to the dentist is like going to visit friends. Over the many years I’ve seen Dr. Fromherz, he has done numerous root canals, crowns of all kinds, and fillings for me. I’ve never had a problem with a single one. Oh, something that has always amazed me is that Dr. Fromherz’s injections are pain-free. You hardly know it happened. Dr. Fromherz is the best, and, over the years, I have recommended him to family and friends.

Jeri and Bob H

It’s so nice to have a dentist who I can recommend with complete confidence. I know from experience you are trustworthy and hold yourself to high professional and personal standards. Thank you for taking good care of my teeth.

Pat B

Dr. Fromherz has been my dentist for more than 30 years, and I am grateful to have a chance to talk about my experiences with him. There isn’t a tooth in my mouth that Dr. Fromherz has not worked on. I say this in total truth, because about 25 years ago I had a condition that required him to cap every tooth I have, and I do have all of my teeth. I have never had a dental problem since that time, and am only required to visit the dentist now when I need cleanings. I have heard of painless dentists, but I have a hard time believing there could be any who are more careful and caring than Dr. Fromherz. I highly recommend that anyone in need of dental care give him a try. He is good with children as well as adults. You’ll be glad you called him.

Randy C

Lynne has good teeth and her dental needs are minimal, to date, what I would call fairly routine maintenance. On the other hand, my teeth had all been crowned, and I’d had several root canals, periodontal, orthodontic and reconstruction procedures prior to first seeing Dr. Fromherz.  Most recently, I broke two front teeth at different times. Dr. Fromherz did a post build-up with a new crown on one, which has stood up for several years with no problems. In the last year, I received an implant replacing the other tooth. His coordination with the oral surgeon was superior, and the oral surgeon commented that Dr. Fromherz’s crown work over the implant was as good as he’s seen.

We have always been able to get in quickly in the event of an emergency. What both of us would say about Dr. Fromherz and his staff is that they are friendly, professional, and gentle. Neither of us has experienced pain when oral injections have been necessary, or any problems with procedures they have performed. We have both been struck by the friendliness, and the fact that the staff seems to know their patients. It is apparent they enjoy their work. 

Scott & Lynne T


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